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3 Golf Swing Drills For Irons (SOLID CONTACT!)


Your Guide To Golf Website Design

Are you planning on creating a golf website? If you are, you won’t want to throw something simple together and call it a day. You’ll want to make a site that can do exactly what you need it to do. Try out these tips when you work on your website from a reputable company like

Keep It Clutter Free

When people visit your site, they want to find information about golf. You don’t need to feel your site with flashy menus or a lot of unneeded details. The simpler your site is, the better.

Research has shown that people respond a lot more positively to clean web design. Clean, frills-free design is also more likely to display properly on a mobile device. Don’t make your site any more complicated than it has to be. Complex designs can look great, but when it comes to golf sites, it’s best to keep things simple.

Look At Other Golfing Sites

Take the time to look at some of your favorite golfing sites. Is there anything about these sites that stands out to you? If you see something that you like, you should make a note of it. You can learn a lot from other people’s web design work.

Obviously, you’re not going to want to copy the sites that you see. However, you can allow these sites to influence your site in a positive way. Take the best elements of these sites and apply them to your site. You’ll wind up with something that looks and feels special.

Make Sure That Your Text Size Is Large Enough

You need to ensure that everyone that views your site can read it. If your text is too small, visitors may not be able to make out a single word that you have written.

You should also be careful about the font that you use. You should test out the font and make sure that different people can read what it says. A popular font is usually the best choice; the majority of people can read these fonts. Don’t pick a font that is going to cause issues for you.

Opt For A Responsive Design

A lot of people like to read about golf on their phones and tablets. You need to make sure that these people will be able to navigate your website without any issues. If you want your site to display properly on all devices, you should choose a responsive design.

When you have a responsive design, your site layout will change according to the device that is being used. No matter what, your site will always display perfectly on people’s screens. Whether someone is browsing your site from a work computer or a tablet, they’ll be able to see everything.

Don’t Use Any Sidebars

As mentioned above, you’re going to want your site to be as clean as possible. This includes eliminating side bars. You don’t need to have bars on the side of your site; you can get all of the essential information on the main page.

Sidebars are beginning to become dated. If you do add a sidebar to your website, you’re probably going to have to remove it before long. It’s better to get rid of the bar now. If you don’t have any sidebars, your content will be ready for the future.

Make Navigation Simple

A lot of the people that are going to visit your site won’t be computer savvy. You shouldn’t make navigation any more complex than it has to be. Ideally, you should keep things very simple.

Try to create menus that are intuitive. It shouldn’t take more than three clicks to access any part of the site. You should also include a search bar on your site. If you have a search bar, people will be able to search for the kind of content that they want to see.

Don’t Forget About Search Engine Optimization

Many of the people that find your website are going to find it through search engines. That’s why you need to think about SEO when you create your web design. SEO isn’t just about things like keywords and link backs; your site design can have a big impact on your rankings.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with SEO, you may want to work with someone that does. There are some talented designers that come from an SEO background. Working with someone like that could be a great idea. They’ll be able to bring more traffic to your golfing website.

Include Amazing Images

There are a lot of incredible-looking golf courses in the world. This means that there are a lot of great images that you can use on your site. Fantastic images can make your site come to life. If you find images that will resonate with golfers, your site is going to make a very positive impression.

You should try to use original images whenever possible; search engines tend to rank unique images more highly. Try to snap some photos the next time you are out of the golf course. You can use some of these pictures on your site.

Keep On Trying New Things

You’re not going to want to keep your site the same forever. You should create a great design for your site, but you should also change it from time to time. You don’t need to make any dramatic changes; a few small tweaks should be more than enough.

Experiment with different things. Work to make your site better than ever. If you create the best site you can, other people are going to be impressed. You’ll be able to put together the kind of site that any golfer would love.

Golf website design doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a lot of tips and strategies that you can use while working on your site. If you follow some of these suggestions, you’ll be able to design the ideal golf site. People will be impressed when they see your site.

Secrets For Hitting Your Driver Straight

The most important shot in golf now is hitting the driver. We are told to drive for show and putt for dough always. Now, everyone will say that the driver is the greatest shot. It is the most crucial shot as it sets up everything else. What makes it a crucial shot is that a long drive hit on target will put you in an ideal position for the second shot to land on the green in regulation. The problem with hitting the driver straight is that it is one of the most inaccurate clubs in the bag. The driver has long shaft and low loft, which makes it as one of the most inaccurate clubs in the bag. A longer shaft means that you should be extra accurate and low loft means that any spin that you put on the ball would be overstated. When it comes to learning how to hit the driver straight, you have your work cut out for you but there are useful clues that we’ll provide to you.

The very first thing we have to speak about are the fundamentals of hitting the driver. The grip is one of the most essential to learn. How does your grip help your shot? Grab your golf club and figure out if you have a grip which is fundamentally sound. YouTube and other website has videos that will help you to for, a proper golf grip. We advise you to choose a neutral to strong grip. We advise that because most amateur golfers hit the ball towards the right. Your position should be a major aspect, also. Aligning your self up is a must for you to succeed in hitting the ball straight. Other golf players take this for granted that’s why they rarely succeed with the shot. There are moments where you are not really aware that you are already lining up to the right. Right-handed golfers may wonder why the ball is going to the right, which they often do. You might have to angle yourself in to the ball slightly towards the left to hit straight.

Another important aspect is impact dynamics. In the game of golf, this is the subject that you must not take for granted. The first thing that you have heard but that you probably do not do is hit up on the golf ball when you are using a driver. You want the ball to come with a high launch angle that’s why you hit up on the golf ball. A high launch angle will take spin off the ball and will increase your distance. It will also help take the side spin off the ball which can cause you to be not so accurate. You may wonder in what way you’ll hit up on the golf ball by not tracing a linear path? When amateur golf players are told to hit up on the golf ball, they trace a straight line path leaving the clubface open and sending the golf ball off to the right. You need to go back to the term previously mentioned, which is known as delivery path to find out the truth on hitting up the golf ball. By swinging a little bit outwards, you are giving your self a favor. The driver is designed to work by hitting the ball longer and straighter, thus you must swing outward and upward at the same time. This also has the effect of shallowing out your golf swing so that you could hit on that upward swing angle that is required to create the correct impact dynamics.

Hitting Irons In Golf: Guide For Novices

A lot of golfers really love to hit an enormous drive off the tee and creates a good shot towards the hole by sending over the treetops. It’s better to perform long drive along with some company, on the other hand long drives don’t make a sense if you cannot even sink a putt. The short shot with an iron is as essential, if not more important, than the long shots with a wood. For newbies or inexperienced golfers, short is one of the most difficult shot to operate in a play. This article will help you on how to hit irons successfully.

Step #1: The Right Alignment of the Body and Proper Posture

Body alignment and proper set is the first step for a successful hit. The most common error created by many newbie golf players is bending of the body. Rather than the waist, an inexperienced golfer commonly bend from the back. This will certainly affect the trajectory negatively and will cause a great muscle pain in the back. When golfing keep the back straight, but not rigid. Tilt your body by the waist and allow a swing through your hips. To sustain the balance while doing the swing, it is crucial to have your body in even position over your feet.

Step #2: The Placement of the ball

In setting up iron shot, ball positioning is among the most ignored factor. Long drives is among the most considered position by most golfers but short shot is also crucial. The placement we are talking about here is about the position based on your body set up. The ideal ball/body alignment is with the ball being no farther back than the sternum and no farther forward beyond the left armpit. One mistake beginners make is playing the shot too far forward resulting in poor slices as well as putts. When the ball heads into the ground when engaged, try straightening your sternum as well as hitting it again.

Step #3: The Takeaway Position

The takeaway position refers to the manner in which the club is retracted and hit through. Takeaway contributes greatly to the swing and its success, that’s the reason why it is an important position. The 2-8-2 rule is being used when hitting an iron. The first “2” defines the first 2 inches of a takeaway where the club goes straight back. It is a must to move the body (arm, legs and shoulders) in sync. At eight inches, the club curves upwards but without moving the wrists. At 12th inches, the wrist turns and place the shaft in a horizontally position to the ground. The shoulders must be tight and also the hands must be in shoulder level. Follow through along the target line and then hit the ball with a square iron face, accomplish this after forming the takeaway.

Step #4: You need to Consider the Course

As vital as the set up and follow through of the swing, the layout must also be considered. Adjustments to be made during a takeaway or even swing depends on the surface being performed. If the ball is to be performed on a downhill slope, it’s always best to complete a downswing at the point where the ball will fall towards the hole. For instance, a green with a slight downhill would be better played at a slight curve to allow for gravitational pull. It’s always best to remove any obstructions to have a greater shot.

Do’s And Dont’s In Hitting A Fairway Wood Off The Deck

Golf is not only an ordinary, simple type of game. Golf is a multiskilled game and you know that if you’re playing golf. To get good at golf you should learn how to play multiple games as well as develop multiple skills. The various skills you’ll take are hitting with a driver, an iron and fairway wood. You’ll learn the correct way of hitting a fairway wood off the ground in the following paragraphs. You’ll find hitting a fairway wood off the deck difficult when you have tried it yourself. You may have hit the ground behind the ball or the ball you sent is low and not high enough just to get off the ground. You feel embarrass in doing those shots and many golf players will encounter that also. Learning how to get the bottom of the fairway wood to skid off the ground in front of the ball is essential so as to learn how to hit a fairway wood off the ground.

What I am speaking about is true since you must use a procedure which is distinct when you hit an iron for you to hit a fairway wood off of the ground. We’re hitting down on the ball and leaving a divot right in front of it when you hit an iron. With fairway wood, they need to skid off the surface of the ground and hit the ball that way. It’s a much more shallow angle of attack when using a fairway wood. Bumping the ground slightly is one thing you must learn and practice to get better in hitting a fairway wood off the deck. Keep in mind that you must not concentrate on hitting the ball, but regarding how to hit the sole of the club off the ground gently.

Brushing the ground with your fairway woods must be learned. Discover how to sweep the ground as you go through the ball. Learning how to create a really shallow angle of attack is essential. Since people are now hitting the ball a lot further, the art of the fairway wood no more exist. Most golfers don’t need to take a shot with a fairway wood due to the modern golf clubs as well as modern balls that they use. Amateur golf players don’t hit the ball as far that is why this is only true for expert golfers. You will see fairway woods being used on women’s professional golf league. Don’t think just because you are a man that you must not use fairway woods. Not beating up a top female professional golfer will mean that you are too good in using a fairway wood.

The goal is to shoot the lowest score as possible and it doesn’t matter what tools you utilize to do that. This doesn’t make sense if you’re manhandling a pitching wedge to hit a 150 yard approach shot or a 7 wood is used to be able to hit a 210 yard shot. The goal is to get the ball on the green within a few strokes for you to make that simple put.

The skills we are talking about in the following paragraphs should be put into practice for you to hit the shot. The best way to properly hit a fairway wood off the ground is to learn how to sweep motion while slightly brushing the ground with the bottom of the club. If you take an opportunity to learn this, you will understand that this action is simple to do. It is only challenging in the beginning because you don’t have the skills or the knowledge. But once you develop that sweeping action you’ll be able to hit your fairway wood from any lie that the course gives you.

The Best Way To Substantially Enhance Your Driving Distance

Perhaps you have been fascinated in classy sports or tried to play and had a couple of amazing drives in a range or course that’s the reason why you’re looking over this. Doing an impressive driving distance every once in awhile is the trick here.

Among the golf shots, it’s unquestionable that long range drive practice is among the most challenging. This move needs sufficient power swing in order to reach the ball in to a far distance and more often than not, even the professionals in this game are having a difficult in some occasions.

The best way to enhance your overall performance on this key shot is to practice it often, equally important however, is to comprehend the different factors which come to play introducing a well performed long drive.

Listed below are some of the specifics of Long-range Drive and if this is taken into an account accordingly it should be able to enhance your overall performance.

Warming Up

Countless golfers usually get lost in track because they simply overlooked the significance of heat up. Also, long lasting problems like deficiency of finesse in method, growth and development of improper habits and quitting on the whole game will likely take place because of not enough heat up.

Hence, just before moving onto the green, you must heat up for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Improve your Well being

Having an enhanced physical condition is essential to make a long term drive because you can continue for many hours until the time of pure zen brings you and proper delivery from an out of body experience is seen as what professionals have stated.

To be serious though, greater power will add strength to your swing and get you through all 18 holes with energy to spare. More time for practice is necessary if this won’t work.

Learning Centrifugal Force

The ball will ultimately reach the long distance you target when the club is flawlessly swing to the dead core of the ball. For this kind of strike to be performed the body and club must execute a motion which builds up this centrifugal force and delivers it to the ball. The personal appeal of the person, their height and more will affect this twisting action.

Learning the gathering as well as delivery of this force is a true art and maximize the performance of your long drive.

The Right Grasp

A much better understanding and also the attention on how should be the proper grip of the club together with learning the mechanism of the shot can give a players a “feel” for the right and also proper position and delivery of a specific shot.

Last Words

Eventually, the secret in accomplishing this is on the way you perform as well as the number of times you train. Anything is possible once you’ve put your determination and dedication to something. The precision and also power along with the stamina to make many shots are three important ingredients of the professional golf player, and a solid golf player is waiting in anybody with an eye for advancement and desire for fineness.

By very carefully incorporating the tips and methods pointed out here, you can also join the ranks of the truly greats.

Tips About How To Increase Your Clubhead Speed in Golf

club head speed

Pace, power and quality remain relevant in terms of your golf swing.

Because of the inability to improve the pace of their clubhead, a lot of golfers can’t pull through the game.

Numerous players would like to know whether you may become better at it. Needless to say, you could but a lot of things should be regarded and you could find them here.

Listed below are the most significant tips to remember in to make such enhancements.

1) Evaluation of Grip

Are you holding the golf club as it should be? Are you gaining sufficient leverage with regards to your swing? There are too many golf players who are often seen holding the golf club wrongly, which slows them down.

Fix the position of your hands or your swing will turn out messed up.

Check the guideline to know if the golf club is held correct. By doing this, you can ensure that you’ll be holding it properly.

Getting the speed to reach the limitations that you need will not be possible if you will not include value to it.

2) Enhance Your Timing Rather than Power

There are times when people will apply more effort in swinging the club. Speed does not rely on this.

Although you think that things will move faster because more effort is put in, nevertheless with what you’re doing, energy is put to waste.

Body movement and also timing of when you hit the ball will matter most here.

All you need to do is to train with out the ball and just your golf club. Hear the sound your golf club makes. This will matter since this will be the foundation if your timing is much better when you hear a louder noise.

Look to work on making this “whoosh” louder. Power is not needed to achieve this.

3) Stretch

How can this affect the pace of your club? Shouldn’t you be heading out to the golf course as well as working on drills?

You should do this also. You swing with your body of course.

Stretch workout routines must be carried out.

The abovementioned ideas should be done for your pace to boost. Thinking about the ideas above will help you attain the required speeds.

Drills, even when mastered, aren’t at its full potential when your body is not working with it in harmony.

It is these pointers which are going to ensure your speed boosts and therefore your range does as well. All these can be achieved if you will put these guidelines into practice.